Selected Projects 🔎

Hippocracy and Diversity
An data interactive website that critiques the politics and propaganda of diversity and inclusion.
A solar car for crossing a continent
India's first solar (punk) car built to cross the 3000km long Australian continent.
Open-source toys to aid therapy for children affected by Cerebral Palsy
Privacy friendly space use analysis for shops and galleries .
Paisa Stick
Age-inclusive hardware digital wallet for developing contexts
Foot-interface device for designing 4 limbed interactions
Psychogeographic explorations of immigrant experiences
Points of View
Installation game to helps kids understand world from different points of view
Vehicle telematics system for Tata Motors cars
Who you are is what you get?
An installation to critique subjectivity and politics of internet search
Missing Menu
A computationally generated menu of an Indian restaurant that works
Maker's Rule
An assembling and construction tool for electronics enthusiasts
Bamboo Hack
Co-design field study with tribal bamboo artisans